I now that this is a kind of double-post, but I believe my original post in the bug tracker is not enough. So here you can find my personal list of problems and questions mainly pointing on rollercoasters, hoping to get an answer soon? Otherwise, I would have to open 30 bug threads. I believe that is not what you want. ;-).

First of all: Sure that you are currently on the right track? Some are talking about shadows, water, peeps faces and so on...did you notice that RCT originally has a focus on rollercoasters? Perhaps you could read my list...would be a beginning!

  • Although the coaster physics are “improved” with the last update, they are still not realistic (for a game). There is far too much friction on certain points, especially on steel coasters. The option “grease tracks” results in a total unrealistic behavior. I have never seen a coaster which needs so many additional chain lifts and boosters, and on the other hand brakes because the ride intensity is far too much and leads to nausea. I am pretty sure that I am able to build a certain “quality” of coasters with realistic elements, drops, sizes, curves and inversions, but the result in the game is not nearly logical. One time the coaster is far too fast, then again to slow, and as a result it is not possible to build a coaster without boosters and brakes in positions where they would NEVER be needed normally. This also has an impact on the statistics which are not logical also.
  • The ride statistics are very frustrating. All self-made coasters lead (except of “baby coasters”) to very bad test results with excitement of “medium” or “low”, while intensity and nausea rates are “extreme” or “mega-extreme”. The result is, that no one of the peeps wants to ride the coaster or they say “I don`t pay … for …” (caused by the low excitement, which would definitely be much higher if the physics were correct or the statistic computing would be better).
  • Even the pre-defined coasters show that there are huge problems with coaster physics: There are boosters, brakes, chain lifts at many unwanted points – this is a clear evidence, that even the “professional builders” are not able to build up a coaster without any problems, the statistics are also very, very sad
  • Why is it not possible to perform a continuous test while building a coaster like it was in earlier versions (the “white painted coaster with an endless loop”)?
  • Why do I have to start the game to test the coaster? Far too much realism at a totally unwanted point! (realistic behavior is good, yes, but please hit the best points instead of stepping on my nerves)
  • I cannot build several inversions like a dive loop because that leads to extreme intensity and nausea, even if the speed is adequate. This happens especially in pre-defined elements. A very good example is the floorless coaster and an Immelmann or dive loop. In the test view, the track is colored in deep reed (and green) especially on the exit of these elements. Yes, there are G-forces, I know, but the statistics are rising to “extreme” and “mega-extreme” even when this track would normally have a maximum count of “very high”. This is very frustrating as in fact it is not possible to build a good realistic coaster with the level “high” or “very high” while holding nausea in “medium” range.
  • There are still pre-defined elements with a multiple wrong inverted track on the exit, eg. a big loop left or sometimes a hammerhead turn
  • Some pre-defined items (inversions or special coaster elements as well as some decoration and so on) are titled in alpha-numerical codes with “_” instead of (English, my native language is German) a description
  • The block braking system does not work correctly; it performs a full stop of the train even when the following track is free
  • The train/car selection system is probably well meant, but why is there no simple option like a drop-down menu? This is very frustrating!
  • Why are there only different colors available for the hyper coaster, not different cars? It is the same thing with other variants of coasters.
  • Why is it not possible to determine the length of the station?
  • Track height and length is displayed in “minutes”
  • It is not possible to switch to a height-displaying view while building coasters as it was in older versions.
  • When building coasters with the menu buttons, not the freehand-method, there are only 45 and 90 degree curves available, a “mid-size” button is missing
  • When building coasters free-hand, the automatic selection of the curve adjustment when hitting the track is very frustrating! Normally, I do not want to add a sharp maneuver, I want to adjust!
  • The white add-track needle makes no sense when there is a very twisted track added instead of a straight one
  • When I add banking to the track, the transfer from the straight track to the banked one is far too short resulting in sharp maneuvers which are not realistic
  • The maximum combination with banked drops is to less, especially when using the wooden coaster. Real wooden coasters support much more banking in curved drops.
  • The spinning coaster does not SPIN!!! Also, there is no switch to make decide if this is a spinning track or not
  • Why is there only one manufacturer-track layout per type of coaster? I see B&M style track in every case (where is Vekoma?), only a different layout for the not spinning spinning coaster and an Intamin-like layout for the accelerator coaster?
  • Where are the several types of coasters which are existing in the reality and already brought to game customers in earlier versions of RCT? Will there be more coasters available throughout the near future?
  • Same direction, but not a coaster: Where are the different types of free-fall towers? Why is it not possible to define the height? Why is it not possible to switch the mode between free-fall and a type of launch to the top?
  • On all flat rides: The speed is defined with 360 min? What is that?


  • The new sound features are overkill! You always hear noise from other trains and even different coasters nearby when you are on a coaster ride cam. The sound is not corresponding with what happens on the screen!
  • Brake sounds and screaming do not fit!
  • Sometimes the sound breaks off completely

This list is only the beginning. The game is named “Roller Coaster Tycoon”. Why, dear developers, do you focus on shadows, faces and water instead of building a good COASTER builder, a good coaster selection, good physics and everything I listed before? Shadows are nice, yes, and they have to be in the final game, but please make your basics before starting with “decoration”.

I have the feeling that you are on the wrong track at the moment. So, can you answer to this simple question:

When do you plan to develop the coaster part of a coaster named theme park simulation with a clear focus on this?

Thanks in advance and sorry, but I am a bit frustrated.