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Thread: Paths and Terrain Smoothing

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    Unhappy Paths and Terrain Smoothing


    How paths work are an issue for me at the moment. Sometimes you get terrain that crosses over and interferes with paths. Then you have the other issue whereby the path doesn't stay connected resulting in an odd interruption such as this.

    This was supposed to be a path flowing down into a canyon. However the graphics had other ideas and decided to cut the path into two. So you have got one small section that is high up and then the rest of the path that is level on the lowest point. It doesn't flow down.

    As a Simcity5 player I believe there was a similar issues with roads. Hope that helps developers see how paths are working at the moment.

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    Thank you for logging this issue in Faceless252, we have submitted Part 1 of our Paths system improvement.
    There is more to come, fixing the path pieces that splits (like in your screenshot) is being worked on.
    Thank you for being patient.
    ~ Vanillepink - o(^▽^)o

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