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Thread: Wrong track of development! Where are the coaster improvements which make the game playable?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by honestlyawesome View Post
    Hi, [*]Even the pre-defined coasters show that there are huge problems with coaster physics: There are boosters, brakes, chain lifts at many unwanted points – this is a clear evidence, that even the “professional builders” are not able to build up a coaster without any problems, the statistics are also very, very sad
    YES EXACTLY. i agree with all of your points, just had to point this one out. It is ridiculous that they actually released the game with those prebuilt coasters (blueprints, and ones in scenarios) are so unrealistic. It really shows who ever was building them does not have a passion for roller coasters. Why would they not ask some of the people who entered the coaster building contests to build the coasters for them? it's clear that these people can create better parks than the creators themselves.

    I honestly do have a bit of fun playing this game, I just get really frustrated way to freguently. The coaster builder drives me to insanity lol. It is so hard to create smooth transitions and nice round curves. its possible, but it should not be that difficult. This and the paths system should be at the very top of there list before adding more content.

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    Although I do agree with some of your points- the physics need a small adjustment- mostly on intensity and nausea. I think it is a great idea that excitement builds off the scenery around it bc that is very true to real life. I do wish I could test while building- the ghost car was a great thing in RCT3. There are still some known bugs- the block brakes, the launch coaster fail thing, the specialty pieces having weird elements and etc. My biggest issue with the coasters is the camera- it randomly adjusts and shifts around (i'm honestly not sure what triggers it because it doesn't happen with every coaster and every time I build a piece of track so IDK-very strange). I think they could take a pointer or two from PC and build pre-defined camera settings. In PC you can lock the camera in free movement, like a 30 degree angle about the last piece of track, birds eye 90 degree and so on (even though PC has many bugs with this of their own). I think if RCTW built this feature in it might eliminate some of the difficulty when building the coasters.

    I could care less about pre set entrances and exits- surprisingly so and i agree- if its an easy fix (which I don't think it is just by the design and layout of the stations) then cool but if it isn't- not a deal breaker. I have surprisingly not run into any issues yet with not being able to move them.

    For most of your other problems/complaints I have to say that this isn't RCT3.5- its a whole new title so there are bound to be little differences and not everything can be the same- what would be the point. And to Atari/Nivizzio's defense they never said they wanted to take RCT3 and improve it/ build upon it- they wanted to take the entire franchise and bring it into then new dimension of gaming and graphics- which I think they are doing a decent job so far of- there is always room for improvement which is what they are doing. But I think things like not being able to change station length and etc are just going to be apart of the new game- we sacrifice that to get an awesome realistic station where you can actually see riders line up in gates and file onto the trains- i think that is super realistic and cool.

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    OK - so with some extensive "playing around" I've found out how to get higher stats in your coasters and the answer is quite simple.

    Don't include many/any of the pre-built 'speciality' pieces.

    Yup - it's as simple as that. Make your coasters up by having your own turns, twists, drops and rises and your coaster ratings will go up. Using this method, you also don't need boosters/breaks all over the place either.

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