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Thread: Leaving The Game For Now

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    Leaving The Game For Now

    Hello everyone. I'm a casual RCT player, having played all the RCT games, expansions and RCTW updates and beta. I've followed and lurked this forum since it was first made back in 2014; it looked a lot different then, and decided to register recently. Today after playing the current latest update 5, I have finally decided to leave the game and forums for a while.

    Before I depart, I would like to share my opinions and feelings which brought me to this decision. I don't have the best grammar in the world, but I made an effort to correct and proofread this before I post it. Below I will list my dislikes and likes of the game from minor to major importance to me. Please note I'm well aware the game is Early Access and will be improved in future with new content and fixes to my problems, but it is the rate at which these updates come out which has influenced my decision, as well as other reasons I will note at the very end of my post.

    Minor Nitpicks:


    RCT1 & 2 had my favorite menu music, composed by Allister Brimble. His music along with the title sequences in both games made it feel exciting to listen to. I remember when I first played RCT3 in 2004 I was disappointed to hear such an underwhelming song, Summer Breeze, by Alistair Lindsay. There was no build up and felt misplaced for an Amusement Park game. Then RCTW was announced with Mattlab creating a thread dedicated to the music for the game. I thought this meant for sure we would get the music right this time, but I was once again disappointed.

    I can't place my finger on it but the RCTW theme feels very uninspired to me. This part of the song reminds me of the RCT2 theme with slightly rearranged notes and maybe they were trying to do homage to it. The instruments used don't give me the old RCT vibe I was hoping for, and the composer made the theme sound quite sinister and uninviting at the end.

    The ride music was even more disappointing, being stale renditions of the RCTW theme. One of my favorite pieces was the Merry-Go-Round Organ music, which Mattlab even acknowledged, but instead we got the RCTW style carousel track which felt a little lackluster in comparison. Not to mention the effect they use makes the music clip and distort so hard it hurts the ears. All in all I'm heavily biased in favor of Allister Brimble's music and wish he could have returned, unless he declined the offer. Of course we can use Custom Music when that feature arrives, although I really wanted something new and fresh!

    Main Menu

    Whenever I start up RCTW, the main menu feels so bland and underwhelming, I don't even feel like playing anymore. There is a blurred still image of a park with the game logo and some buttons, what more do you need right? RCT1 & 2's main menu has title sequences that shows gameplay of various parks in the game accompanied by fun exciting music by Allister Brimble. RCT2 handled this well by making the title sequence start off dull and boring with guests looking tired and miserable, but slowly as the music goes on, it builds up into an awesome recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain showing coasters, rides and happy guests. This makes the RCTW main menu feel quite tame in comparison, although I understand it might not be as easy to create these title sequences in previous iterations, because it can cause lag. Even a slideshow of multiple images would be an improvement or having 3d models of coasters and guests slowly rotating. Something more animated.

    I'm also surprised the menu options haven't been improved upon yet. There's so much space being underutilized yet the page is so small, that the drop down window for screen resolutions is cut off:

    Why not make it so the drop down windows overlap instead of hidden under? No need for Graphics to be listed twice, it's just taking up space. Here is a crudely modified menu I made in Photoshop, which I think utilizes space better:

    Amazing how much a little resizing and swapping around can save so much space to fit other things without looking cluttered. All the options for graphics fit on one page without having to scroll down, and if you really wanted to, you could resize that RCTW logo as well to fit even more. I should also note the blurred backgrounds on the main menu and loading screens are very straining on my eyes.


    While the UI mostly functions well it's unquestionably plain. In RCT1&2, Simon Foster managed to make, with limited pixels, animated buttons. I don't know how to make gifs but if you played the old games, you will know what I'm talking about. They're also colored, visually appealing and overall more lively, having more impact on me than RCTW's. Thankfully the tool tips have been adjusted I think. I cringed in previous updates when it told me "Options can change the game's settings"


    Most bugs I encountered in earlier versions have been fixed, but I still get the occasional sliding guest, disappearing/teleporting guests, broken menus, texture errors etc..


    • if you select a building, ride, scenery etc. to place down, Press H key to hide the UI, and unhide it, the X button on the side no longer closes the menu.
    • if you keep presssing pause really quickly, guests will stay in the exact same position, no matter how much time passes on

    Also one of my no entry gates turned and stayed competely red, like when you can't place it down so it turns red. Either way these bugs aren't major and don't phase me too much anymore.


    Another really minor one with lots of nitpicking. The pee in this game is way too yellow, when it should be much more darker and shinier. It's too hard to find an image for reference because it is all 18+, but this spilled water is close. In the end, I'd prefer spilled drinks over pee:

    Pee and vomit also slightly float above the ground, which can be seen with this guests foot clipping through it. The shape of vomit looks more like a baked cheese pizza than a splattered mess. It should look more like this and make the floor wet underneath as well:

    Grass seems to have a very plasticy/glossy surface in this game. Not sure if it's to do with the bump maps, although it would be great if it could look more like the picture on the right:

    Finally, the water on rides/scenery is really inconsistent. The first picture is from a scenery piece where the water looks more like roots than running water. It needs to be way more transparent. The second picture is a skybox of a sandbox level, where the water is a little too cyan and bright. The last pictures from another scenery piece where the water is too dark and like a gooey substance. There's much more but I'll cover them in other sections.

    Park Entrances

    It's disappointing how we can't customize park entrances. We're stuck with one design that are mostly in mountainous areas. I mainly wanted a suburban area with a highway next to it. The gold entrance also has little to no sense behind it, and doesn't even look gold. Maybe it's a texture bug but in my case it looks rusted: We really need different entrance designs to choose from, although I haven't seen it discussed much.


    I absolutely hate the raccoon. I always associated RCT's mascot as the Panda, and it's annoying to see the raccoon pushed in screenshots and concept art. To me it looks really creepy, as well as the Junebug Alien. What's worse is we can't really choose which ones come out either, and for some reason I hire 10 Entertainers, but only three come out at a time.

    Bulldozer Tool

    Really primitive tool. Need to be able to delete more than one object at a time.

    Sound Design

    I'm hearing some improvements in this update. Something about the guests screams are off to me though, probably because they don't match their animations at times, like one kid was in my park stomping with a smiling face, but whining very loudly. It's getting better though.

    Ride Types

    Surprisingly the EA doesn't contain most of my favorite rides from the previous games. I love corkscrew coasters, Go Karts, Dodgems, Golf and Dinghy slide. I also dislike the design of the Swinging Ship/Plundering Pirate where the water surrounds the ride. I feel like that part should be optional as the user can create that theme themselves if he/she decides to. The Pendulum ride also stays upside down way too long, even on 10 cycles. I had my gamespeed at max and thought the ride was glitched. 5 Cycles should definitely be an option, and why is it called pendulum if it doesn't swing?

    Coaster Supports

    My favorite coaster type is the Wooden Coaster, and it was a little unsatisfying to see their supports going straight down from the track again. RCT2 managed to make up for it by adding scenery supports as a temporary fix:

    Non-dying Guests

    I refer to Peeps as Guests because I hate the term Peeps. As a kid, I admit I enjoyed running over guests with the buggy cheat in RCT3, but I also missed how they used to die in RCT1&2. That may sound mental the way I wrote it, but whenever the guests died by accident from say a malfunctioning coaster or drowning, there was a sense of tragedy, and you had to face the challenges of recovering your park from said tragedy to make your guests feel safe again. RCT3 had your guests bounce around comically albeit very childishlly, and unfortunately RCTW followed in it's footsteps to keep an E for Everyone rating. Now I don't blame them for this, but the ragdoll system when they get hit is very buggy where they teleport, just like when you pick them up with the tweezers and drop them. It would also be fun if they swing around on the tweezers rather than staying still.

    Ok let's move on to Major Nitpicks:

    Ride Entrances

    It's crazy how such a small feature effected my gameplay so much. Placing entrances and exits on ride has been a feature in all installments of RCT except RCTW. It's a shame how a game which should be more about freedom this time round is so restrictive, making ride placement inconvenient in some situations.

    Scenery Placement

    An obvious one lots of people have talked about no collision and piece by piece building. I found it improved in this update, but not significantly enough as I still have trouble placing these objects in places they should otherwise go:

    It seems the new update to paths has affected the way you can place certain objects. As I don't use UGC, no collision is an absolute must.

    Terrain Tool

    I always had a feeling this tool would be similar to RCT3's. In fact, there is less you can do currently such as being unable to build tunnels or caves. Apparently Unity can do voxel landscaping so this is another absolute must.


    Nice to see improvements but still a long way to go. Still unable to build stairs, connecting paths still restrictive and snaps to nodes with snapping off, no curved queue lines etc. The modify path feature is also very buggy and not functioning as intended. I try to replace a path I selected with another, but it ends up replacing the wrong ones. It's especially confusing when the devs say they don't want to rush these features, but this one was definitely not ready.


    My FPS is running a little smoother in this latest update, and loading times has gone down a bit. However, I still suffer Memory leaks in large parks making the game unbearable. I run the game at the highest settings with Windows 8.1, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 750 TI, 2TB storage.


    This is the biggest issue for me, from appearance to AI and animations, they are quite a mess. Let's start with appearance. A lot of guests have a very similar, slim body build with broad shoulders. There are no fat, thick or muscular people, so it stands out quite a bit. There is also little to no variety in their clothes, so duplicate guests happen quite often. Within seconds, I didn't even have to try to find some:

    Additionally, almost all guests have skin tight clothing/flat textures body-painted on their models. There's no shape to their clothing, for example, this guests hoodie is just a texture of a hoodie, rather than an actual model. The collar on the Hawaiian shirt guy doesn't have any folds and is a flat texture: <- Ran into picture limit, I may replace all images with links for those with slow internet.

    Despite the updates, guests have very low resolution textures. All females excluding the pop star have ugly black/brown fingernails and toenails. Some males have very disfigured looking feet, seam lines on necks, etc. The pop star seems to have messed up vertices in her head:

    It would also be great so we don't have to see the frightening contents inside guests heads each time you go through them. It would be better if their entire model disppeared rather than partially:

    Next, I'll move onto the AI. A lot of my guests still wander around aimlessly, with some walking to the edge of the map for no reason. Others seem to pile up on top of eachother whilst buying food instead of lining up:
    They also still ignore my no-entry signs; I made sure they're the right way. Strangely, after they exit a ride or facility, they walk back to the exit, and then back down to the main path again. I also made a test park with plentiful Info desks, all types of food and drink stalls/restaurants, yet they still walk by them and choose to go down paths leading nowhere.

    Lastly, the guests animations are stiff, lifeless and lack direction. When you walk around a park, you tend to look around at all the exciting rides and attractions, but the guests all have a thousand-yard stare looking forward with no facial expression. Janitors hardly look like they're sweeping litter and instead gently brushing it. I saw a teenager with a mohawk and white mustache for some reason, skipping whilst eating a burger, and the running animation is ridiculously wacky.

    I assume the way his hands are outstretched assumes he is sprinting and not jogging, because joggers generally have their hands semi-closed. First of all, if he is sprinting, his left arm should be more bent than straight, and his hand should be facing lower down, not up. His right leg is bent way to much, and should be further out than in. Moreover the entire animation seems to skip the weight his body puts on his left leg when he lands on it, and immediately moves to an awkward bent position. It should be moved according to how he's leaning forward. His weighted legs also never reach a fully outstretched position before it transfers to the bend. The second picture is just asking for a broken foot. I think the animation should be adjusted to a jog because the way he swings his arms and legs is completely unnatural, and he moves really slow while doing it:

    Finally, and I can't stress this enough, the guests have soulless facial expressions. There is absolute minimum facial animations, so guests never blink, and have a neutral face when they're angry, excited, happy, hungry, etc. I always thought the idea behind emoji to show guests expressions was pointless, because you're supposed to be able to tell by their animations. Even RCT did it with their extremely small pixeled characters. Personally, I think the reason emoji's were added is because of the lack of facial expressions.

    I took screenshots of guests feeling hungry, happy, and angry: If you were to judge how they were feeling by just looking at the faces, you can't tell, because they're all the same. Even the park greeter stands there, never blinking with the EXACT same face. I find it unacceptable they spent time developing an emoji system than actually adding proper facial animations.
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    In order for me to enjoy the guests, they would need to be fully revamped in models, animation and AI. Groups don't look like they'll be implemented any time soon either.


    Coaster Editor

    Sadly, this is the only thing I actually enjoyed. For the most part, I can do pretty much everything I want to do, but I'm not an amazing coaster editor either. My only gripes with it is I find editing certain nodes makes other parts of the track uneven at times, and the premade loops and corkscrews aren't the easiest for me to edit. I also dislike how there is already a small track piece in the beginning of coasters, and adjusting chain lift speeds if you used the piece by piece builder is tedious. Overall I could do what I wanted to do.

    Non-game issues:

    The Community

    It's difficult to engage in conversations when people label you as fanboys or trolls. It's not just from one community but all of them. I've read people insulting others, trolling the forums such as last week, and it's really become a bitter place. One of the most active developers, Mattlab, hasn't been on the forums in a while and VanillePink seems to be the only one addressing our issues.


    I miss this:
    This actually looked like a team who put effort and care to make a solid game. We got to hear from the developers and what they did, how they work and felt. Lately, we've been getting streams every week, but the presentation has been poor each time, with no concern to improve them. Why aren't the developers on stream to help Nookriot and further expand on questions? Surely they can spend at least 10-15 minutes to assist in reading notes whilst the other shows the game.

    To Wrap Up:

    Rollercoaster Tycoon World in it's current state did not meet my expectations of a theme park simulator in the franchise. Being the first major installment in the series in quite a while, I came into this game with high expectations through it's development, thinking it would be the last. At the rate it's going, I truly think it will be the last RCT. I don't mean that negatively, I never expected a fourth RCT to happen, and this one seems like the devs will stick to it and work on it for a long time to come.

    You may have read some of my arguments and think I'm just nitpicking for the heck of it, especially since a lot of these problems have been addressed. The reason I listed them anyway, is because judging by the updates we've received so far, it will be quite a while before they add and improve these features. However, Planet Coaster's upcoming update next week already includes the major features I desire, which is why I'm making the switch. While it doesn't contain everything I want, I truly hope RCTW will be able to achieve these features as well, and will gladly return when that happens.

    Until then, please respect each other and play what you enjoy !
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    feedback such as yours will only help the team, as frustrating as it can be, people like you not giving up and carrying on feeding back , will be the way this game gets improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coaster_tog View Post
    feedback such as yours will only help the team, as frustrating as it can be, people like you not giving up and carrying on feeding back , will be the way this game gets improved.
    I agree wholeheartedly with what Coordinator has said in his lengthy review. This game lacks quite a lot compared to what has been achieved in the other game of the same genre. I get the feeling that no proper thought has been put into its development. It seems to have been rushed and many parts NOT thoroughly tested enough before being released into the game. Its biggest let down is the peeps, which are totally diabolical for a game of this genre. They have no soul whatsoever and really do not have any interactions in the way of emotions, movement and facial expressions. If this game is to make it, it needs a dam big overhaul before it can even progress any further. The peeps, need scrapping altogether and redesigning, to look more like happy go lucky park guests. As they are at present, they would be more suited to a horror game.

    Yes feedback will only help the team if they are prepared to listen to people like this, who has been critical but fair in his comments. But the trouble is, the team are not listening. They need to take a note out of Frontiers book, about how to interact with the community. Present proper live stream dev reports, keep in touch with the community and stop rushing the game, to try and keep ahead of its competitor, by adding untested material into the game. This is why there is a big difference between both games. One is well thought out and tested thoroughly and the other is trying to keep ahead all the time. It doesn't work like that, as we have seen from updates that are still full of bugs and updates, that cause other in game problems, because they have not been tested properly before release. If this game is to move forward and succeed, the dev team has to get their act together, this is the reason why so many people are getting fed up and loosing faith with the game. For the length of time this game has now been in production, it should have been finished months ago, but it just doesn't seem to be moving on, because there are so many problems which again, should have been sorted out long before now. I am beginning to wonder, if this game will ever get finished to the standard that we were all expecting. It certainly has a long long way to go to achieve that goal.

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    A lot of fantastic thoughts and suggestions! Definitely try to keep up with the game and submit your thoughts in the Improvement Tracker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coordinator View Post

    Pee and vomit also slightly float above the ground, which can be seen with this guests foot clipping through it. The shape of vomit looks more like a baked cheese pizza than a splattered mess. It should look more like this and make the floor wet underneath as well:

    Well. Isn't that nice.

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    Very good post Coordinator, I agree with almost everything you said, up to the commas.
    Thanks for putting your time into witting such a detailed review...

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    I agree fully with the threadstarter, wonderful comments you made !

    I also see a huge problem: The DEVs dont know how to develope a game.
    Up to a certain level it is ok to try to fix things. But RCTW has so many bugs, that is does not make any sense to work on all the bugs at the same time.
    Maybee they think they learned developing, but the actual results are still bad and that shows that the way they do is wrong.

    Why not focussing on ONE part of the game, fixing all the bugs, improve it, adding user-wanted features and THEN step to the next part.

    The first part for me would be: Terrain.
    Open a thread and ask users what they want to do with the terrain-tools. Then develope this whishes and give a new version out with only this build (terrain). Users can try the tools and if bugs are found they could be fixed directly. So the basics are done and bugfree, the right way to build on with the next part.

    Second part would be Path ...

    I think this is the only way to get a recent game that is able to be compared with the competitor.

    If some of the devs would answer to that, you will get : "That is not possible, because it is too complex". And that is exactly the problem. Building thousands of features on bad and buggy code will still resolve in such a chaos. Look tro me like they failed in the first school-lessons of learning what is important for developing. I am very sorry to say that (no joke !!!!).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbcdex View Post
    Why not focussing on ONE part of the game, fixing all the bugs, improve it, adding user-wanted features and THEN step to the next part.

    The first part for me would be: Terrain.
    Open a thread and ask users what they want to do with the terrain-tools. Then develope this whishes and give a new version out with only this build (terrain). Users can try the tools and if bugs are found they could be fixed directly. So the basics are done and bugfree, the right way to build on with the next part.
    Yeah, this would have been the way to do it way back in early 2015. It seems like the first "beta" was trying to do something along these lines, but the core of the game was just so broken already that there wasn't much to be done but add a piece-by-piece option to the coaster builder and call it fixed. Remember, the first beta was released about a month before the entire game was supposed to be finished. How much improvement could they really have expected to make?

    Now, we're literally years behind schedule with this game. The term Early Access means we have the entire game they've built so far. The time for going back to basics and working on one feature at a time is in the past. And, as you can see on this forum, there really isn't any asking the community what they'd like to see added to the game anymore. Now, the focus has shifted to finding out what bugs were left in that are too glaring for the fans to ignore and which ones they can live with.

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    Great post and would agree with almost everything he said.

    Also thanks for the PC name drop. I knew it was only a matter of time before it was going to be brought up in the post, just like in every other post.

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