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Thread: Crashing on startup

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    Crashing on startup

    Has anyone experienced some intermittent issues when starting the game since the update? i have been fiddling with my GPU, and im not sure if this is the cause. i have been trying to see if I can OC to compensate for the FPS drops. just wanted to know if my actions have been causing this, or if others are experiencing similar issues

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    Try not to touch your GPU much unless you know what you are doing. If other games work fine, then RCTW should be fine too. If it is just RCTW, try clearing the cache like what they said in the Dev Blog:

    Lastly, downloads via Steam may sometimes get corrupted or updates don’t fully install leading to odd behaviors in game and starting the game. Try these steps to Verify the game cache:

    1. Right click RollerCoaster Tycoon World in Steam
    2. Click Properties
    3. Then Open the Local Files tab
    4. Click Verify integrity of game cache

    I'm not an expert but this may work. If not, then post this issue on the bug forums

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