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Thread: Seeking Someone Know These Developing The Concept Art Projects Insert them in Ugc Of Rctw

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    Lightbulb Seeking Someone Know These Developing The Concept Art Projects Insert them in Ugc Of Rctw

    I am looking for someone / a Know that I create these objects Through UGC and Insert them so they can share with the Roller Coaster Tycoon World community

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    This is a nice concept! Btw beautiful scribble.

    But you can't create a shop or staff system atm. You just can make decoration objects without interactivity. But a good news is that the developer said, it will give a function for it in the future.

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    Technically, you can create them as UGC, the peeps just wont interact with them. I think it would be VERY cool to see one of our community modelers pick these up and run with them.

    Any takers?
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    to interact with peeps perhaps Adapt an ugc like clothes !!

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    Interesting, and very neat..

    I might decide to give it a shot this weekend

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    Yeah, very nice concept. Hope this is eventually available as skins for actual buildings... not cover up buildings, or fake unused.
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