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Thread: Deal Breakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathtome View Post
    RCTW looks so much better then any other game out there like it.

    The ride animations are fine, I really don't even know what you mean by this comment.[/COLOR]

    The little faces are there to help show the players what the peeps are feeling and how the rides have effected them.
    [*]Shops that aren't giant hotdogs or ice cream sundaes or... Chinese food boxes?
    Every RCT game the stalls have been made this way. Tho the current GUI is kinda cluttered I feel.[/LIST]
    I didn't want to read through pages of posts, but these made me laugh.

    -It doesn't look better than any other game out there.
    -The ride animations are not ok, the evolution just goes up and spins, thats suppose to do a full rotation, not just stop at the top~ the troika's cars don't swing out, and for some reason the arms raise up before it starts spinning, the top spin just spins and spins and spins, and its unnecessarily large, why'd they add all these pools infront? also the Diskus, I saw that spinning in a stream the other day, it was funny. RCT3 had better physics / animations for their rides.
    -the little faces above guests are nothing but clutter.
    -Yes, previous RCT games had hotdogs and giant ice creams, but RCT3 gave us a generic "stall" where we could select what we want sold.
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