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Thread: Water fountains and lighting

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    Water fountains and lighting

    Can we have a simple water fountain that can be placed in the middle of a pond or small lake with the ability to adjust the height of the water pressure output? Also floating platforms or underwater items to hide the ugly water pumps so we can also beautify water scenery or place flowers/trees and other scenery objects that make sense to build in the water platforms.

    The scenery lighting was a good idea, but after it's placed, it would be nice to have the ability to adjust the angle and rotation of it as well. This way there would only be one "object" for scenery lighting and the ability to fine-tune it to your needs instead of having the current ~7 items with limited angles and rotation. This would also look pretty sweet on/under the water with a submersible version of it with the same angle/rotation abilities. Modifier 1 to adjust height, 2 to adjust rotation and 3 to adjust angle.


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    These are some good ideas; there's already some water fountain UGC out there but it would be great to get some in-game and to have more options.

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