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Thread: Just an idea to run past you.

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    Just an idea to run past you.

    Our creators has been doing a great job in making all kind of things. The GPU line is really getting long in the game and it takes forever to find a certain item you want. What about making sub folders to break it down a bit. Like - Large Objects, small objects, billboards, benches, lights, flowers, bushes and hedges, building supplies, scary items. It would really save some time and just help to keep things organized.

    Thank you

    PS - Any news on a update for the lag time and freezing up? Also so everyone can use the blueprints, I can subscribe them and then download them by pressing the enable button but it does not appear in the game at all. Help here, please!!

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    GPU = Graphics Card. I think you mean UGC.

    I agree though. I would like it to be like an OS. Right click to create a folder, name it, then place whatever you want in it. This would be the ultimate customzation. The ugc line is reallllly long, this would make it better. I would like to customize the folders, and not have to deal with predefined ones.
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    Even better to be able to add a theme to the creation, so you can sort by that at the very least

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duck1014 View Post
    Even better to be able to add a theme to the creation, so you can sort by that at the very least

    What this guy said, or something similar.

    Maybe when an ITEM is uploaded, it can be required that the user select a specific Theme.

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