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    Hello, I am struggling to be able to connect certain entrance and exit paths from rides/restaurants to the main walkway around my park, either i am missing something out or there is far too much restriction when it comes to laying a path down

    The issues i am having is when trying to connect these path's to the main walkway as parallel paths, the path turned red and no mater what i do it will not allow me to lay the path down as a straight line, regardless of either choosing snap, grid or having both off.

    In the previous game (rollercoaster tycoon 3) it was much more simple and easier to lay a path, it was almost free hand. Personally I would rather go back to the rollercoaster tycoon 3 path method or to at least have the option to be able to place a path the old way, as a suggestion they could put in the option and have both.

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    Yeah the path system is extremely flawed but they have heard what we have said about it and have a 'strike team' working on an overhaul of the path system. From what I've read don't think it's an imminent fix but they will be looking at the forum for guidance in the work they are doing

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    Thanks Beaker!

    Further to that point, the path system is huge and we want to be sure we are fixing it in baby steps. Little by little it will get better. We appreciate everyone's patience on this one.
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    Hey nookriot - 'little by little' or 'baby steps' think we need that to the drinking game ;p

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    So I am hoping the baby steps include.
    1. Paths going from large to small-secrecy cannot be placed where they meet. Or near.
    2. Scenery on raised path. Ie lamp posts.
    3. Tunnels through raised terrain.
    4. Having to delete anything snapped to path at the end to continue the path later.

    I'm sure everyone is aware of these and will be fixed soon!
    I do appreciate the devs getting involved in the discussion. I've done a lot of beta testing (mmos mainly) and many times they forget to get involved with the community which in turn causes to lose interest during the process. We as gamers have a 30 second attention span

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    Again can only go based on what I've seen but tunnels have been confirmed for the future and with the number of threads about raised paths and scenery I'd be very surprised if that's not in it

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    i hear ya. and i've seen alot of stuff too. squeaky wheels right!

    as far as placing issues when large paths snap to small we've all seen this right? because the paths round out until the new stuff is snapped to the end the game thinks scenery cannot be placed there.
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    Yeah I think the collision Box on the junctions are too big especially between large and small paths

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Yeah I think the collision Box on the junctions are too big especially between large and small paths
    Agreed, there should only be a collision at all if it physically just does not fit. Trash
    cans and lamps should almost always be allowed.

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