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Thread: Greece theme

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    Greece theme

    Hey Guys,

    i made some pieces for a greek theme.
    Now there are 13 pieces you can build with. I'm planning to do more stuff and pieces to this theme during the next time.
    I tried my best to do this pieces but I'm not an professional 3d artist.

    Tell me what you think about this.

    The pieces are available on Steam:

    example building

    Looking forward to hear from you peeps.


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    Those look really good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casiquire View Post
    Those look really good!
    Hi Casiquire!

    Nice to hear that you like them.
    I'm planning to make some more stuff in the next few weeks.
    There will be more roof pieces and some objects e.g. lamps.

    Let me know what you would like to have next peeps!

    Greets Coasterfreak

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    That is looking great coaster freak!
    I certainly will be using your UGC

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