Sine the latest update, I have been having a problem where I can no longer access any park which I save. It started after I had had to rebuild my pc and reinstall windows.

I assumed it was because of a problem with the steam sync and not being able to pull my save data from the steam cloud, so I started a fresh park in sandbox mode which started great and I was able to start building again. I have gone back into that game today for the first time, since restarting my file and I am having the same problem as with my other save game files.

What happens is I go to load my game and it gets to 100% of loading your park and then I get the rollercoaster icon and the text stating, building your park. This is where everything stops working. As soon as I get to "building your park" nothing else happens. I have left it running on screen for over 30 minutes and still nothing, it just gets stuck in an endless loop.

I love RCTW so far and would love it even more if I could still play. I don't know what I can do to solve this issue, but any help would be very well received