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    Dev streams...

    So was watching the Alienware stream from yesterday and it got me thinking I'm pretty sure we could come up with a 'drinking game' sorry Nookriots streams.
    The rules I have so far are:
    Drink when he says 'soon'
    Drink when he says 'on the list'

    What else can people come up with?

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    Is this discussion about RCTW? lol

    ..anyways, nook probably shouldnt get intoxicated on stream, I bet the team has some confidential roadmaps that they don't want to share..
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    I happened to look in on this stream and to be honest, if these are supposed to be publicity streams, no wonder RCTW isn't attracting new customers. I don't know who that lady was, who was with him, but she looked bored to tears, with Nookriot, rambling on about the coaster builder. There were no close up shots of the park guests, I noticed. Was he avoiding showing these off. I am sure if she had seen them, she would have had something more to say. I later watched JMR with his live chat stream and it was very well presented. Maybe Nookriot should take a few lessons from JMR on presenting live streams, because he certainly isn't doing Atari or the game any favours.

    Just my take!

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    I think it is pretty good of them even doing a steam twice a week, not sure i have seen any other dev team do that. I for one wouldn't getting in front of a camera twice a week after all the negative feedback. That drinking game would be pretty funny though as i reckon i be drunk in a few minutes.

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    Yes JMR does amazing streams however he is not working for Atari and as Funboss says they will have internal builds and internal roadmaps which they cannot make public ('the list'). Also as an employee nookriot will be targeted to giving particular details about the game whereas JMR is free to talk about whatever aspects of the game he wishes to.
    As for the unknown female she works for Alienware who were allowing Atari to use their booth at PAX East and we're streaming a number of games over the weekend.
    This was intended as a light hearted thread as he said 'on the list' during the stream and if you have watched his Dev streams he says this a lot when people ask about certain features

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    They should show off a park from JMR, maxfreak, or deathtome in the next stream.

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    He showed some of maxfreak Park a couple of weeks and one from deathtome on Tuesday but could certainly show more. I think as he is limited with what he can actually do in a visited Park though he wouldn't be able to show certain things he want to highlight. Even if he was able to peepcam in on of those parks (I know functionality isn't there yet) I'm the background while he is doing his run through of stuff at the start would be goid

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