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Thread: People Walk through eachother.

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    Angry People Walk through eachother.

    Everyone walks through each other instead of around each other.

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    This is intended.
    ~ Vanillepink - o(^▽^)o

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    So it will be like that forever? or will it be changed?

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    I will not say it will be like this forever.
    But, having them bump into each other implies adding collisions to them, implying the Peeps will be heavier.
    We are currently trying to give the players a better FPS, so Peeps with collisions will make the task tedious.
    So, it's not a priority for now
    ~ Vanillepink - o(^▽^)o

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    No it's fine of course. It's not even a major pain, I just thought I'd say something just in case it wasn't noticed. A better FPS is better anyway and then you can work out other stuff once that's done and adjust FPS programming accordingly I guess.

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