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    Fun World

    So finally getting the hang of things and wanting to work on a 'proper' park. I've played RCT since my mates brother got the demo of the first one on a magazine cover disc but always been more about the scenarios than sandbox and focusing on objectives rather than scenery/themeing.
    To help with this I thought I'd share some screens of the start of my park - have spent about 4-5 hours on it so far - and see what you guys think and see if anyone has any advice on what would look good or improve it.

    All of the below were done on a below spec laptop running on lowest custom graphics with exception of last one which I think is the medium preset but was causing performance issues)

    View as you enter the park (this has changed slightly as I'll show in a screen later)

    Staff utilities area entrance

    'The Hype Train' passing the top of one of my fountain areas (sorry for the lame name)

    'The Hype Train' queue and station - rocks hug the corner of the station building

    Picnic area behind Meatball Stall

    Main entry path with new 'Princess Castle' at the end (really annoyed that it's not centred but it was almost 2am when I noticed that and think I might actually leave it as is)

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    This place seems really promising. The hype train looks popular and quite thrilling.

    Good work!

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    Thanks, I'll try and get a video of the coaster running both free camera and on ride along with the stats next time I get a chance to jump on it.

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    next set of screens

    Park overview

    refined main pathway

    Fountain area

    Picnic Area

    The Hype Train

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    Here are a few more shots of what I've been working on in this park reently

    The Hype Train tunnel using rocks by Piedro82

    Another shot of the tunnel

    And another

    The Castle

    Sci-Fi area - not got a name for this area yet but the concept is that it is in a crater on another planet or moon. Note the use of some of Piedro82's wall set to make a wall around the staff buildings. Not happy with transition but got an idea of what to do. This area is in very early stages

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    Looks great your park!

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