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Thread: Game Stuck on Building your Park Please wait

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    Right after the latest patch I was able to play the game, start it up but after playing it for a while and shutting down to restart the game now will not load it's just stuck on "Building your Park Please wait" Loading screen for over 10 minutes, last night I waited for 30 minutes. The game is unplayable help me out here please!

    Uninstalled/reinstalled still unable to load saved park
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    This is a fix that I did and it worked.... quit the game AND steam. navigate to c:\users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Nvizzio Creations\ and delete (or rename to backup) the folders called Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Restart steam. Steam will begin to resync your data. Once it's finished, start the game. You will have to change your settings because they would have reset to default, but your game should load.... hopefully

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    Thanks Snick3rsAUS for you input unfortunately that did not work it's still spinning and I have to force close it.

    I might add this was a saved Campaign game that won't load.I really wanted to play campaign just to see how popular my park would be, this one has several 100$ on it and I would like to continue it vs playing sandbox mode were you have unlimited (which is what I'm doing now because this game won't load). Can anyone else (tech dept) recommend anything please?

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    Was that Park pre the patch earlier in the week? I can't load my campaign from before the patch either

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    it was prepatch and my other campaign's load just not this 1 with of course the most money on it
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