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Thread: Save game boxes not working

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    Save game boxes not working

    sooo many bugs in this build but this one refers to the inability to save.

    Save game dialogs don't work. Clicking save from the menu doesn't show any options... just greys the save button. Choosing quit, then save, shows a white save popout box with no options

    I've tried to Restart the game, rebooted PC, Deleted settings folder from AppData/LocalLow, started a new park. no sucess

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    What should I do? The same for me, except I haven't deleted anything. UGH

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    Just out if curiosity, what happens when you hit "quit"? Does it let you save there?

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    No. It asks do you want to save and when you click it, a white box with nothing in it shows up.

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    I found a workaround for this issue... I turned off "Steam Cloud Sync" for the game, then I deleted the saved games from the preferences folder. There seems to be a corrupted game save that is causing the issue. Is there a way to delete the cloud data for the game??

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