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Thread: Multiple Coaster Trains on A track

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    Multiple Coaster Trains on A track

    Yeah I don't know what to do about this issue I would like it fixed so I can have multiple trains and help my coaster not have as big of a line.

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    This is all kinds of broken. I have similar issues.... coaster has a braking system at the end. In testing, train 1 departs station, train 2 magically appears. Train 1 reaches brake point, Train 2 departs station. Train 1 releases from brake point and proceeds straight through station without stopping. Train 2 then reaches the brake point with Train 1 hot on its heals crashing in to Train 2.

    I also tried adding a second brake system. First train reaches brake system 1 and stops, second train departs station. First train proceeds to second brake system and stops (it should proceed straight through as there is no train at the station) Second train arrives at braking point 1, First train releases from braking point 2 and proceeds right through station without stopping whilst train 2 then moves on to braking point 2... and the cycle continues like that. I hope that makes sense to the devs. I'm pretty sure they'll easily be able to replicate this.
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    Video of the first problem Snick3rsAUS mentioned:

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    This includes the second issue mentioned by Snick3rsAUS, and also shows a second problem related to the last video I linked.

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    I can attest to this. In the woodie, at least, I can't get the second train to show up, and the test never completes, the first train goes around and around (not failing, stopping properly at brakes, etc) and I never get a rating.

    If there is a way to give the testers a park save file, I can build a save with this in it.

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    Ok I am having a different issue after the update. One train goes around then the other one appears in the station but then after the second one starts leaving the first one follows closely behind and the peeps wont ride the second train. then they both stop at the entrance to the station after the ride and wont move again

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    Yep, that's the issue I get too in my first part of my message. Atari has responded to another post about this issue and they said they are aware of it and are working on it. It won't be part of the NEXT patch tho. So in the mean-time, just run single train coasters (Add more cars to it if you can)

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    ok yeah cool I will do that.

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    The way this "Multiple train" system works in this game still doesn't work the way it should. Please have a look at how the other 2 games are doing it... Have a look at how RCT3 did it. The way it works in THIS game is wrong and inefficient. It's currently pointless having multi trains if they don't behave correctly

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    If you have three trains, you need four blocks (if the station works as a block, you need three more). That's generally how they work.

    I've had them work before in RCTW. They were janky though. They don't work like they are suppose to.
    I just tried again, and I had 3 trains working, but they had to STOP at every block break, then every train would move. Then they all stop. Then move. It passed the test.

    But then I added another block (4 blocks for 3 trains) and could not get it working at all. The first train would pass through all the blocks, never stopping, but no other train moved.


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