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Thread: Let us see repair/broken status of ride in its popup window.

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    Let us see repair/broken status of ride in its popup window.

    I can't see if a ride is currently broken down or not in the popup panel for the ride. It would be nice to know, and to add the position in the task queue of the repair job and option to bring to the top of the queue (ie prioritise) would be even better

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    Hmm. You could prioritize fixing the massive money-making coaster over the silly little Crazy Slide (if that's what you want) or see that there are multiple busted rides in a certain stretch of the park, and that you might need to consider another Staff house. It adds to the involvement of the player. But since it's a specific window you have to pull up, it won't interfere with the players that might not want to get quite so hands-on with the game.
    I like this idea, and could be pretty easy for the devs to look into. Good choice.

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