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Thread: peeps just hanging around on the q line

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    peeps just hanging around on the q line

    not sure if this has been addressed yet
    but after a while my peeps start to hang at the entrance to the ride and dont move up the q line is normal or just a small bug i have all the updates to date

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    Apparently this was fixed in one of the hotfixes earlier this week. I did a clean install yesterday and it seems better with that and amount of pee on paths

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    i will this idea a go do a clean install and see what happens

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    So, how do I do a clean install? I need this hotfix badly.

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    It's not fixed lol I had to relog the bug a few days ago. There is a big patch on its way imminently though.
    For a clean install go into steam, right click on the game and delete local content which removes game files but not saves or blueprints. Then reinstall

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