Okay, so I had with this game.
This is no hatespeech, im seriously on my knees to be able to play this game soon!
Since the smaller update I have only been able to play the game for 2 days - with a tad of luck.

My FPS seems to drop from 60 to 10 when the first guest arrive to the park. As soon as the notification pops up its dead.
It doesnt matter which quality setting im using, nor windows/fullscreen etc. I've tried everything now.

The user-fix with the "Number of processors" actually worked for 2 days - or again; maybe luck.
Its not that I have a bad computer or anything - im running fine, and as I said; It works sometimes with 60+ FPS according to steam fps feature, and ofc. I can feel the lag. I will not waste my time with 10 fps.

Am I the only one who is still having issues?
Yeah Im mad right now, and im sorry for that, but its so frustrating(!!).. I know its alpha. But seriously guys, you had a TON of reports on this one and no update yet.