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Thread: Ugh, them peeps tho! >.<

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    Exclamation Ugh, them peeps tho! >.<

    The peeps are my biggest hang-up with this game so far.

    I feel they deserve an overhaul the most beings as they really bring life to the parks! The rides and attractions may be the soul and guts but the peeps who visit really make it feel alive.

    Yet the current peeps definitely do not.

    Granted, I am LOVING the direction this game is going and have kept an open mind throughout all the drama, staying true to my RCT roots and giving it a fair chance. So far everything seems quite promising and I'm loving the relationship being salvaged and nurtured between the RCTW team and the community. ♥

    However all I look forward to the most are peep improvements!

    I shall list some ways I feel they can be enhanced in the hopes a few (maybe more) might have the chance to get 'noted' and added to the list, or at least considered and given due thought. :}

    - Obviously the overall graphics are hurting the most. Peeps just look bad haha, and I'm not trying to hurt any peep feelings when I say they really need a makeover. They lack depth.

    - In accordance with the above, there are no shadows with the peeps. Most everything else in the game seems to have some shadowing effect yet I do not see this on the peeps, unless I have to adjust my settings for that?

    - There is no love! I don't see any families (children seem to roam on their own, scary) there are no cute young couples or older couples, or anything that would insinuate a family, or relationship, or bond of any kind - making it hard to like these robot people.

    - Their walking is funny, and choppy, and strange. In fact their overall behavior is like 'WTF'. If I was standing beside one of these peeps in my park, I would be in constant 'WTF' mode because they are simply whacky and make no sense. xD

    - They are also rather dimwitted I would think. Weak ones with sensitive stomachs ride the rides they (SHOULD) know would make them puke, but they do it anyway. And they walk straight through everything. Trash cans, light posts, benches, even other peeps. It just makes me facepalm haa.

    Those are the major issues with peeps though I'm sure I could add a few other minor things.

    PLEASE improve the peeps and it will add another amazing level of depth and realism, and amazingness to this game!

    Thank you.

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    I think behaviors should be fixed first, and look should be patched after. The reason I say this is the current design would look a thousand times better if peeps came in as groups, couples, and families with nice realistic animations and movements. Then when you look at your park as a whole, it would look very good. The peeps would look less good when you zoom way in but if their movements are realistic that's more easily overlooked.

    I do want to eventually see the designs updated too, I just think the impact of the behaviors you mentioned is much greater. +1

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    I'm also picturing an animation where a couple sits on a bench and just gazes into each others' eyes for a couple minutes, silly things like that to add variety to their behaviors. It could be unusual to see that but if you see one special animation every hour or so it still makes the game feel better overall.

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    Casiquire, I agree with your points - and I love the idea of their being 'moments' between couples. I would also like to see the peeps simply slow the EFF down lol. They are always rushing around the park. Some could definitely stay like this, the real excited ones - but I think for the most part it would look great if families and couples slow down a bit. Take their time and stroll through the park, maybe stop every now and again just to look around and take in the scenery.

    Aside from all that though, I noticed a few other bugs that I think are being worked on from what I hear (through the grapevine) but I'm gonna list them anyway just to reiterate the point - these need fixed too lol!

    - Some peeps (males and females) make some really odd noises, and I agree with the community when they say the noises sound sexual. Somebody is 'getting off' on the rides lool, I find it funny but I can only imagine how awkward those noises could be when filtering through someones house.

    - Peeps get SUPER choppy when the camera is zoomed out really far, it's almost painful to watch them. xD

    - They also get stuck in the queues. Not necessarily 'stuck' but they just refuse to move and it holds up the entire line. Makes me wanna dangle a carrot in front of their nose to entice them forward but they seem rather stubborn at times.

    - Animations are off. For example the items they hold, there could be nothing in their hands yet they hold them up in front of themselves as though something is there, etc.

    ((Again, all I can think of for now though I'm certain if I come up with more I shall post them))

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    I agree with your points! Yeah families should go painfully slowly haha and anybody at the park all by themselves (like me) should be pretty fast. But let's get groups and couples in the game at all first!

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    The peeps have always walked through each other, right from the very first game. I'm not sure this part needs to be fixed.
    But yeah... Why is the "Weak Stomach" peeps going on my "Gut-Wrencher 5000" if they already know they got weak stomachs. I mean , I understand pushing one's limits a little bit. But you need to build up to the big rides if you feel nervous about them. And by then, perhaps you don't have as weak a stomach anymore. Fortunately, it sounds like (from the live-stream) the Peep AI is undergoing some serious overhauls. I actually look forward to seeing the promised improvements.

    I miss having myself and my folks in the park wandering around taking pics and stuff; while another version of myself and my then-girlfriend wandered around being a cute couple. :3 It just added so much heart and soul to the game.

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