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Thread: Inverted coaster loop

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    Angry Inverted coaster loop

    I was building an Inverted Rollercoaster last night. A few things that annoyed me.

    1. When placing a loop it has a weird twist in it that sends the loop to be pointing downwards rather than upwards. So rather than being up in the air it shows red going into the ground.

    2. I miss the good old days of selecting anywhere on the track and deleting that section to re model and join it up with the rest of the track. At the moment you have to delete back your whole entire track to go back to that section to make it work.

    3. The camera when modelling a coaster flies around all over the place. Main it zooms out if you are using the standard peices and changing the angle. I have tried locking the camera off in the controls but it still does it. The camera doesn't stay where you put it so when you are doing close up work it becomes really difficult. Tried a number of control options but the camera still decides it is going to wander off.

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    I agree with your second point. I had a loop in one of my finished coasters but wanted to go back and take it out, but because the loop is just multiple nodes, I had to delete each individual node until the loop was gone. However, doing so left a twist in the track. I had to delete the track from the end in order to take that twist out. Being able to simply delete that one section and join it up with the rest of the track would have worked so much better.

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