Roller-coaster creator bug - I have found that every time I create a coaster as soon as I am about to link the final piece of the coaster to the station the coaster will automatically try and place a barrel roll portion of track...... If I can even get this fixed and reach the station without this happening (which I have with one coaster) the coaster still is never exciting enough. I also notice that people still ride the rides that aren't exciting like most created coasters but will then puke no matter what after the ride. The benches don't seem to help like they did in the previous games.

Path bugs - I will place a building in a tight spot and sometimes not at all with a large amount of space around the building and try to connect it to my "medium or large" path and it will not allow it. I also would love to see you be able to automatically delete a trash can, light post, bench, whatever (like in previous games) when I am connecting a path to another where one of the listed pieces of scenery are located. It is very tedious to continuously click the bulldozer button. Same goes for deleting anything regarding a flower, plant, rock, or tree. It would be nice to have a bulldozer tool that could remove trees, rock, shrubs and more on a large scale. This would save players a lot of time and effort trying to enlarge a park when they purchase more land and have to flatten and remove objects.

Scenery bugs - Finding places to put lamp posts, trash cans, and/or benches on a path is a daunting task as it sometimes places it off the pathway making me have to go back and delete it. Is there a way you can make that not happen because again something you guys have done with this game is make it more tedious than fun.....

Trash bugs - Once the park grows beyond a certain size even if I have trash cans everywhere and like 20 custodians running around the trash builds up so quickly and I get a million notifications and it is quite annoying. This will lead into another bug regarding custodians and mechanics in a minute.

Park Rating bugs - The park rating barely ever goes below 900 and when it does it jumps back up in a few months after I build something new. It has even been higher than 1000 before. Where is the challenge in that? I understand its early release but I figured this would not have been a major issue at this late stage. The next issue with the park rating is even though my park is filthy disgusting and nasty covered in urine, puke, trash, and other stuff I still have an almost perfect park rating.

Mechanic/Custodian bug - Once the park gets larger than one tile mechanics and custodians do not clean or fix things in the park almost at all. There is puke at every rollercoaster exit and almost every thrill ride exit. Occasionally one of them gets clean but two seconds later riders come off and 20 of them cover the walk way again. I had at least 25-30 custodians and mechanics spread throughout the park and still I would have coasters waiting to be fixed and toooooo many places to be cleaned.

In the originals if you had more then 10 of each you could sustain the amount of money you had to pay them almost. Now I get 30 to 40 and they don't do a thing. I believe that there needs to be a good amount of time spent on them because you cant even pick them up and drop them like you used to be able to in the originals. You can pick them up if you can find them like wheres waldo? There is not button to find and allow you to click them, how could that be a forgotten tool?

That is the end of my rant for now. I hope this helps you and others understand some of the things I have witnessed while playing.