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Thread: Sitting on benches decreases peeps' nausea

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    Sitting on benches decreases peeps' nausea

    In previous games, peeps would sit on a bench for a while to decrease their nausea levels. I'd like to see something like that implemented in RCTW. Currently, RCTW has no way to counter-act the effects of nausea. This leads to vomit-covered paths at coaster exits, and the only thing you can do about it is wait for the janitor to come clean it up.

    I'd like to see some alternatives in place. For example: (some) nauseous peeps may "attempt to" run to a nearby trashcan to vomit, instead of on the path. If the nearest trashcan is "being used", they may look for a bench to sit on. Sitting decreases nausea levels. If there is no nearby benches or trashcans - then, yes, peeps double over and puke on my paths.

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    Yes I've been using the age old technique I've used since getting RCT demo on a cover disc (showing my age :s) of flooding rollercoaster exit paths with benches which people don't use. They don't even get away from the exit

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    Yes please! I too keep building all these benches and trash cans near the ride exits, expecting the peeps to sit down and rest until they feel better, like in the older games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
    If the nearest trashcan is "being used"...

    tbh, peeps will stand next to a trash can and still chuck their rubbish on the floor...!

    I believe the first aid peeps cure nausea though..? And they only cure people sitting down. So perhaps this is intended to replace the 'automatic nausea decrease' from previous games.

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    I thought this was standard in RCTW due to the fact that's what benches was used for in the previous titles, then I realized my dreams of RCTW reviving the enjoyment and nostalgia of a theme park tycoon game was falling apart more and more.

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    Hmm. Only after reading this thread, do I realize that my massive collection of benches outside my coasters is pretty much useless...
    Yes, this needs to change.

    I had also assumed that benches were a good way to reduce vomit, because that's how it's always been. I did remember that restrooms didn't work anymore as of RCT3, but I still put a few by the ride just because that's how it used to be originally, and it only makes sense to me. And now I'm wondering if drink stands are still beneficial for nauseous guests...

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