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Thread: Sharing blueprints

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    Sharing blueprints

    Today I was really proud of a coaster I made so I thought, why not share it with the community? So that's what I tried. But after I clicked on 'public' nothing happened. And I don't think it has been shared with the community. I'm not sure if I can check it myself, but maybe one of you can...? It's an accelerator coaster called Superman. Track is red, supports are blue.

    Note: I'm not sure what build my game is. Couldn't find it. But I did get the update with the new flat ride.

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    I must say I don't quite understand how the in-game system works in relation to the steam workshop.

    If I look in the steam workshop there are around 600 blueprints. In game I can see 50.
    (unfortunately I couldn't see yours)

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    Could someone check again? My blueprint now says it's 'public' but I want to be sure if it really works now.

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    My Steam name is avoidme. I shared a coaster blueprint and make it public. It is called "FacehuggersDelight" can anyone see it? I see a screenshot of it, but I can't tell if the actual blueprints are there too.


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