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Thread: RollerCoaster Bug

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    Angry RollerCoaster Bug

    Hello RollerCoasterWorld Community!

    I found an annoying bug when having 2 trains in a coaster.
    Peeps enter train 1, Peeps sit in train 1 until train 2 reaches the station.
    then the peeps teleport themself to train 2 to get out of the coaster and exit. so they only "drive" the coaster until its first stop.. This is kind of annoying =(

    Please fix it.
    I hope you guys get what i mean (cause my english is not the best and i dont know all special words for it, else the video will show you)

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    i got the same problem.

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    i think this is a main function problem. I mean a mistake in programming. I just sent it to get improved/fixed soon

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