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Thread: Load save Lose peeps

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    Post Load save Lose peeps

    When ever I load my save I will always loose loads of my peeps already in the park. Played it today after the new update and the same thing is still happening. I had just over 1200 in this park by the time 1 year had passed I was down to 380 every one that enters another 5-10 leave anyone els having this issue?

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    I am sorry you are having this issue.
    This happens every time you save and load a game?
    Or is is only that specific save you had made?
    ~ Vanillepink - o(^▽^)o

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    All games its the main reason im on my 4th save but havent seen anyone els having this issue.

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    Happening to me to i already posted a thread without seeing this one. but it really sucks because i had a park that i enjoyed but now its in so much debt i cant build anything.

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