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Thread: Enable Custom Coaster Supports

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    Lightbulb Enable Custom Coaster Supports

    Currently in the game, the coaster supports are almost all the same, there are straight ones and there are ''L'' shaped ones, and they are all the same width. I would really like if in the coaster builder there was an option you click where you can make custom supports instead of it happening automatically. This benefits both people that don't want to spend too much time on supports and also people who do want to make there ride as custom as possible. I want to be able to place different kinds of supports like V shaped,A shaped, square shaped and straight, also different widths since not all supports are the same in real life. Now for the wooden coasters, it would take a crazy time to make custom supports, so that could stay automatic, but what would be very nice is the curved style wooden slopes, instead of only straight.

    Here are some pictures to show what I mean :

    V shaped:

    A shaped:


    Square shaped:

    Wooden Curved:

    I hope this will be in future updates because it would make the coaster look 20 times more realistic.

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    a neat idea but i don't think it's necessary. the developers are busy enough as is.

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    I'd say it was necessary for the sakes of realism. The supports are a real irritation of mine.

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