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Thread: New idea for paths?

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    New idea for paths?

    I know there have been a ton of requests for paths, but I don't know if this has even been mentioned. Paths that can go anywhere you place them and any intersecting paths automatically get joined together instead of snapping together with disfigured edges. Select the type of path then use a toggle for how big you want the path to be on the fly by pressing a modifier (CTRL, SHIFT, or CTRL+SHIFT) then using the mouse wheel to make it wide/narrow. Make it dynamic instead of limited to 3 different sizes and also not be able to make it a ridiculous size like covering the entire park, but much bigger than we're currently limited to.

    Queue paths shouldn't even exist. They should only have the type of rail you want. Instead you lay out your path from the current regular textures (smallest path available because you don't want wide queue paths) then you attach it to the entrance of your ride. At this point there is still no queue, instead of laying down a queue path, you just pick what type of rail you want for your queue (rope chain or fence with different types and colors of each) and lay it down on top of the path that's already there up to as long as you want the queue to be so long as you didn't make the path wider. If you happen to make a mistake and didn't make the path the required width, have the game ask you if you want to automatically adjust the width of the path so that the queue line can be laid.

    The tool for queue paths should be simple. Select the type of queue rail from the path menu, click on the ride you want to make the queue rail for and from the entrance choose as far up the path that's attached to make it that length.

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    I dint think we'll be seeing revolutionary changes in the whole path system, but I do like the queue path idea. A lot of theme parks don't use a special different type of path just for queues.

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    I agree. I don't think they'll be doing too much at this point. The only reason I can think of them using the current system is because the peeps don't use these paths until the ride is open. Might cause less problems this way? I don't see why it would be really that hard to implement this kind of queue path building because the queue system is already in place. They would just have to add some textures and modify it to plop on top of the paths then just have the peeps move once it's there. I'm sure they're going to release a bunch of DLC like they did with RCT3 to get as much money out of this as possible so further down the road it could change.

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