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Thread: Just something worth pointing out

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    Just something worth pointing out


    So... 8 Days into release and as a key indicator, still early access, Roller Coaster Tycoon World is clearly off to a wobbly start... bugs here and there, some tools proving difficult to use as well as graphical issues causing a few of us to feel cheated after throwing £30 at it.

    We have to remember, early access doesn't necessarily mean full access. (This includes any current bugs and issues they might need to fix) Once the game leaves early access.. it should be equipped enough to be classed as full release. Hopefully they throw plenty of updates to keep it up to date too... anyway - read up this paragraph on what the dev says themselves....

    ! you’ll be helping to optimize the title by seeing what kind of performance the game can provide from system to system. Your feedback will be critical. To provide us with this feedback, we’ll be creating dedicated Early Access forums on our website and Steam, and we will be there
    daily, along with the Nvizzio team.!

    It is only with your feedback, your input, your passion and your creativity that we will bring the game to new heights.

    They want us to help them develop this game to its best potential, so don't hesitate to let them know of anything they could improve or any bugs you come across.

    There is much more we want to do. When this is done, we will leave Early Access.
    The developer also said this...
    !“The Early Access release of RCTW contains the core features and content of the game. Your purchase includes these, along with our roadmap of future content updates and tweaks. All features, like the Coaster builder, the simulation and the overall user experience will be optimized, improved and refined as the game evolves - not only during Early Access, but throughout the life of the game. So make sure to update your game. Throughout Early Access and beyond we will be adding further content, including piece-by-piece custom-built structures, scenario editor, mini-rides and dark rides, additional scenarios, transport rides and more.”!

    Basically my point is .. do your best to hold out... sure they could've waited till everything was fine tuned... but doing it early access gives us the chance to shape how it's developed. It's win win, you get the game "earlier" you help develop and the money goes back to the hardworking finger clicking tycoons that built the game from the ground up !

    I've enjoyed what I've played so far even with only the "core features and content"

    Keep practicing using the things you aren't used to.. especially the new coaster builder.. after a few updates you'll be able to twist and turn your coaster in crazy new ways. Play about with the new terrain tool too, practice making rivers or mountains.

    Remember to post any of your bugs or issues.. be part of the development

    Thanks for taking the time to read

    E-mail - [email protected]
    Steam - Gandyroox

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    Hear hear
    I also think that their hand was somewhat forced into releasing some sort of development build to the community by another not dis-similar game which shall go un-named

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beaker86 View Post
    Hear hear
    I also think that their hand was somewhat forced into releasing some sort of development build to the community by another not dis-similar game which shall go un-named
    That may be true, but I couldn't be happier with the results. Both games are better for it!

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    Unfortunately I've not got the £50 to spend on the other one but from what I've seen I totally agree. Competition is a good thing

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