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Thread: How to get average customer revenue to $35/customer?

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    How to get average customer revenue to $35/customer?

    One of the campaigns is to get every customer in your park to spend an average of $35 per person. I'm having a hard time doing so. There are literally shops, concession stands, and rides everywhere. Has anybody else figured out how to beat this one? It's the park where the admission is around $125 per ticket to get in. I also lowered the price of a ticket to $8 and started charging for rides and still failed.

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    Well until they fix the issues with the peeps, I don't see any way to beat that campaign. The peeps still won't buy food when they are hungry most of the time, that is where the big money maker would be. All I see the peeps doing is walking around like zombies after playing for so long. It's like you make money in the beginning of a new park, but after awhile they just become zombies.

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