While using the first Beta release of RCTW I made an awesome park with just one coaster, and saved it. Now, when I start the Early Access version of the game and choose Load Game it shows the park I'd saved with the Beta. I click on it, the screen changes to "Package Loading", the bar moves to 100%, the screen changes to "Building your park. Please Wait" and then nothing except the little coaster on the infinity logo still does its circuit. I've waited for over ten minutes for the park to load, but nothing.
Hopefully a fix for this, because I'd put an awful lot of work into the park I built in the Beta, and would like to use the coaster and terrain layout in the Early Access. Also, any solution might just help you guys and gals work out a way for park builders to save a park built on one map and merge rides, peeps, terrain layout etc. with another location's map, eg: build a Frolicking Forest park, save it and then import the whole setup into the Desert surroundings.