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Thread: Jurassic Pack - Jurassic Park Content

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    Cool Jurassic Pack - Jurassic Park Content

    What is going on peeps!

    Some people have been posting saying they like my work! Last year I was working on my own Jurassic Park/World Project which I didn't finish because of time and work. This means I have a ton of content sat on about 2 hard drives waiting to be uploaded. I want to get suggestions and opinions as well as showing the work in progress of various projects!

    You can see what I posted so far here!
    Stay up to date on Steam if interested!

    Some of the current and posted projects .... a lot more to show!
    Suggestions welcome! What do people want?

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    fantastic so far. add as mutch detail to everything you do , as you can. keep it coming
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    Great work, JJ. I put some of your JP stuff in my park. A great way to test UGC with quality stuff. Took a screen shot - it's in this topic the

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    Thanks for the support so far, these are some update images of the Jurassic Park Visitor Centre! I have a Jurassic world, but I haven't finished modelling it, from the first images, so might be a while before that one!

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    yeah good work! i love your work. hope we talk next time for animations

    i have to learn from you

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    I can help where I can, its all down to skill and knowledge when modelling and converting the correct way into the game!

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    I love it! I would love to see more Jurassic World content!

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    Working on some now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJGaming-youtube View Post
    Working on some now!
    Great to hear!

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    Testing.jpgRoof Version 2.jpgFrame2.jpg
    Complete re-design based off my old model shell, of the Jurassic world Visitor centre was in order! Good progress so far!
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