Despite having over 2000 people in the park, the family and junior rides all sit abandoned and empty and the thrill rides over capacity. It seems that the engine is only generating thrill ride fans. My understanding is that the engine will spawn peeps based on what's in the park and have fans of that, but this seems to be going to the extreme end. Surely family and junior rides should spawn fans for them too? Marketing section doesn't work at all (separate bug submitted for that). FYI, the junior and family rides were built first. Any peeps that DO ride these rides come off with speech bubbles "I only went on XXX because there was nothing better to do"20160403210010_1.jpg20160403210304_1.jpg
Second screen also demonstrating the queue line bug and the coaster stalling thanks to shoddy AI too.

Wow, 4 bugs in one post. Got to be a new record