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    Lightbulb Station Customization

    Station Customization!

    I have played RollerCoaster Tycoon ever since the first one, and I have loved the game. When RCT3 came out, that was a big step and I loved it. Early Access for this game have been fun, but I thought I would give some Feedback. Now, I like my creative parks, and my Rides, so I try to make them look as realistic as possible, if that includes downloadable items, ect.

    BUT, one thing has come to attention, the stations we place are pre-made, which is cool. But where is the creativity we were promised? This maybe a feature which will be added later on, but that means you would need to allow us to make basically our own buildings.

    So yeah, able to make our own stations to what we desire.

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    this is already asked for in another thread, but I still agree :-)

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    These are already plans being implemented. Read through the blogs, the next update will have a coaster station with no roof and piece-by-piece building is on the way.

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    When I played this game I thought it was a disappointment not being able to customise stations. Also the peeps should queue on the station platform in the ride loading bays.

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