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Thread: Coaster G forces are way out

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    Exclamation Coaster G forces are way out

    The coaster G forces seem to be out by a factor of around 10 times too high (I'm guessing 9.8).

    Reason why I think this problem exists:
    Very smooth curves easily give in excess of 15G, A straight, upside down section of track gives around 10G

    What I think may have caused this:
    Possibly a mix up on units so the game is measuring acceleration (m/s^2) as G force giving the 9.8 factor out.

    Reasons why this is a problem:
    All coasters are giving 1.5 - 2.5 excitement (including all of the pre built coasters I have been able to test so far) and 15 - 20 intensity making them completely useless to be placed in the park, especially given the cost compared to flat rides.

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    RCTW insane intensity.jpgOnce out of the coaster editor I have now found the stats seem realistic, but the intensity is still massive. Apparently 2G or 20mph is way too high for anyone to endure on a roller-coaster.

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    I agree with this. I have been building coasters with RCT for a along time and, in my experience playing early version of RCT World, I cannot make a realistic coaster without the intensity rating being crazy high and the excitement rating very low. I think it needs to adjusted for sure. I have to make a pretty mellow coaster to get intensity down enough to have any excitement value.

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