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Thread: Scenery objects & Coaster building Feedback

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    Scenery objects & Coaster building Feedback

    Some things I've noticed. Some have already been mentioned in other posts, so I won't elaborate. Most are self-explanatory.

    - Placing scenery objects (light posts, benches, trash cans) on elevated paths is not possible. It allows you to do it up to a height of about 3 feet.

    - When editing coaster tracks on self-built coasters, when a node is selected, the node will go out of frame and scrolling out to bring it back into frame causes the track section to be moved.

    - When adding a node, the track becomes straightened. A perfect arch becomes more "U" shaped when a node is added. I usually add nodes mid-curve for banking.

    - More path connection points please....

    - Please alter attraction entrances and exits to be on the same side of the attraction or at least no more than 90 degrees to either side. It's a total waste of space to path the exit on the opposite side (ie. back) of the attraction.

    - Viewing "Heat Map" view of the park causes the park to stay in Black and White until closed and reloaded.

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    I agree with the following:

    1) Yes, the scenery objects (lamps, bins, benches, trash cans, ...) need to be able to be build as well on elevated (or later underground) paths!
    2) Yes
    3) Funny, for me this is very good, as I make small tracks, and take out nodes then...
    5) YES, very important!!
    6) I disagree - I would like to be able to place entrance and exit where I want, and where it fits in the park - sometimes opposite is better than 90°
    7) I never had that problem


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