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Thread: Overal Improvemets.

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    Lightbulb Overal Improvemets.

    1. Paths:
    The system to creates paths is good, but there should be more connection Nodes in
    every section, so we dont have the issue connecting other paths to it.
    ESPECIALLY the Large path is lacking connection nodes.
    Some entire sections cannot be used...

    2. Snap/Grid:
    I dont get it why there are 2 systems here...
    I would suggest everything would snap to the Grid, and you can turn on the Grid "Overlay" to keep some things perfectly straight when building multiple objects. (i enjoy symmetry)

    3. Peeps:
    Polish the walking/running Animations, add more ride animations then just "Buggy Hands up".
    Group them, So we have Families instead of Lone wolves..
    Implements Anti AI Collision, so they don't walk trough each other.
    They also tend to try to walk in full Ques, and then back out and try again.

    4. Graphical:
    When you Zoom out, peeps are turned in to Pixels, keep them rendered.
    Im playing on 2880x1080p (21:9) and the edges are stretching instead of fully rendered.
    (Looks really ugly)

    I enjoy the game, and think this could be a very nice looking and great game to play
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    1: agreed
    2: 1 grid that it locks to yes whit option on/off posabiltiy (not becouse u have ocd that all have it)
    3: i gues they will over time
    4: cant say, dont run on that resolution

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