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Thread: I Cannot be refund !

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    Maybe he was given it a chance?

    I dont know when that company sent out keys but I got mine from cdkeys and they sent them out on the 21st, before they changed the game to Early Access by which point you couldn't get your money back.

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    Unfortunately OP you're likely stuck with it now. You're going to have to chalk this one up to experience I'm afraid. The take home lesson here is to not trust companies by pre-ordering and to judge the product when it's released when you're able to see reviews/videos of what it's like. Really, there is no reason to pre-order games anymore now that the industry has gone to digital distribution!

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    thank you all its clear now i have learn my lesson lol
    (the 10 hours was for give a chance to the game and finally a like him) i keep it, i return to the game i like far west theme
    have a good game

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    You can ask for your refund here: (if you bought it thru Atari)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markyto View Post
    You can ask for your refund here: (if you bought it thru Atari)
    The point is that he didn't buy it through Atari. He purchased it through a third party vendor (Instant Keys or something like that), clocked 10+ hours on it (outside of Steam's refund policy anyhow), and now wants to return it. Regardless of what he does now, there's basically no way to get a refund.

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    Seriosuly everyone? You're being nasty to the poor kid who saves his money to get the game, found out it's terrible and requests his refund? What the hell is wrong with you people. He is a human being asking for help. For god sake, have some self respect.

    Gaelios123, I'm really sorry on behalf of some members here. You should be able to recive a refund in a perfect world. Contact the buyer directly and plead your case, I hope you manage to get something back.

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    Wow the game came out Thursday and he already spent 10 hours on it. Eeek

    On a positive note if you keep the game "maybe" the gradual updates will make it worth playing. If Atari lives up to their word, but I could see it being 2017 of next year before the game is complete.

    Just hope they don't abandon the game and leave it as is.

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    Hope also they don't abandon the game, Now im addict !!!!

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