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Thread: Mouse hover detected when RCTW not active window

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    Mouse hover detected when RCTW not active window

    In windowed mode, if you bring a different application to the foreground, move mouse pointer around on the active app, RCTW is detecting mouse movement and hightlighting objects and making UI audio responses. As far as I can tell it does NOT also respond to clicks, though it is hard to be sure when you can't see the display fully due to the other app being open.

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    There's a similar behavior/bug when using two screens. I've RCTW in windowed full-screen and when I'm on my second screen moving the mouse I can see items being hovered in RCTW. But only hovers the items on the side where my second screen is placed (left in my case).

    Like if the mouse is blocked on the border of RCTW screen and it only moves on the Y axis, reacting to the mouse movements on the other screen.

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