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Thread: Help!!! How do you get more than one train???

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    Help!!! How do you get more than one train???

    Ive added the brake section , ive updated the coaster to have 2 trains. it says 2 trains but only one train shows. but when u test the coaster, it states your coaster has failed because second train had to come to a halt and couldn't enter station. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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    Strange normally when you have the brake blocks once the first train has left the station and gone the second train spawns inside the station. Once the first train leaves the first block section the second one leaves the station etc

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    Question how far away is the first block brake is it at least 2 car lengths away from the station

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    Realistically, there would be a seperate station from the first for ride maintenance and storage of extra trains. Why was this not implemented, to have the second train add to the track, and for mechanics to actually "fix" stuff as opposed to getting into the peeps business? They talk about realism but we haven'ts seen it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosschris10 View Post
    Question how far away is the first block brake is it at least 2 car lengths away from the station
    no maybe that's what it is. im going to keep at it and update you

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    Thank you. Keep us updated

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    add a braking system. it's the last one.

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    I am having the same issue. I add a brake system to my track, hit test, does everything correctly. But then after the 1st trains departs, the 2nd train follows dangerously close behind it. After the 2nd train follows it all the way back to the brake system. It stops and sits there, until the 1st trains comes up behind it, and give me a FAIL. What am I doing wrong? Bug?

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    The brake system is horrendously flawed and needs a complete overhaul but i understand its quite a big task.
    It doesnt matter anyway as people refuse to pay to go on the coasters you only need one train anyway

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    Their are a nunber of issues with the braking system and multiple coasters

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