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Thread: Paths, Scenery & Grid issues

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    Lightbulb Paths, Scenery & Grid issues

    Hi there,

    I'm glad, that we have the chance to give our feedback, and I really hope, this feedback is taken seriously and will really help to improve...

    Actually I have the following issues found in the first build for the path builder, the scenery and grid:
    - Path builder:
    Actually it is not very easy to connect two or three path sections. A lot of times, there is a red part showing that it is not possible to build the path - but WHY is not shown. That would be very helpfull!
    As well I am not really happy with the path system, as I cannot create big PLAZAs and the paths do not really allow a lot of scenery or objects being placed on the paths.
    Connecting a small path to a big path, never gives a good angle of 45° or 90° - it's always some undefined angle
    I would be happy to have the possibility to really "draw" the paths as before in rct1 - 3 ON THE GRID.
    As I am not a developper and do not know programming, I cannot explain you how to do it. My suggestion would be the following:
    1. Piece-by-piece path building like for the coaster builder (so everybody can use the one he likes)
    2. Or an optional "plaza builder" (to activate with a checkbox - please not with a key)
    3. More freedom of connecting paths where I want it, and not so much restrictions
    4. The path builder could be as well improved by having more different width like 4 meters / 5 meters / 6 meters / 8 meters and "unlimited" for a drawing mode

    - Grid:
    The actual grid is not very helpful. For example building lamps on a path doesn't work with the grid. As well, the paths are not exactly on the grid. The buildings stick to the grid, but then they cannot placed next to a path?! Looks very strange.
    I would prefer to have a grid over the whole park, and not moving with the camera - that is very irritating (or can I change that in the options and didn't find it how to do?)
    As well it is very strange that scenery objects can only be build on "crossing lines" of the grid - that was much more easy and free with the grid in rct3. I know that the grid gets smaller and bigger by zooming in and out, but with placing the scenery on the grid to have a straight line of trees I gave up after 20 minutes.
    I really do not know if the explanation helps to understand my point?
    As well, I cannot tell you how to programm, but I would like to have a complete grid (even with smaller and bigger lines as now), but fixed over the whole park to turn on and off. The scenery and objects should be snap to the grid by activating the "snap to" button.

    I was really surprised how many objects are already available - very good job!
    Unfortunately it is very difficult to place scenery parts (especially lamps, trash, banks, - everything that is related with paths).
    My point of improvement is: give me more freedom, please :-)
    In details that means: Placing a lamp is possible with the "snap" button, using the grid or free mode. BUT in all three modes, it is not possible to place a lamp where I want it to be.
    For example I wanted to put lamps and trash bins to a queue of a coaster.
    I had no chance to put the trash at the beginning of the queue. When using the "snap to", I could place it outside of the queue at the beginning, but not on the queue itself. when using the grid, it was only possible to place it not on the beginning of the queue but at least on the path. So I decided to have a lamp at the queue entrance, but no way of placing it - no matter wich option I choose... so the entrance of the queue stayed without lighting, as with snap to the path, the lamp could only be placed after the first 45° turn of the queue???
    In my simply thinking, I should be able to place a trash bin and lamps on every inch of the outer line of the queue (or path). This is how it worked before in rct3 and it is very realistic. Lamps might be placed outside of a path/queue, but trash bins are always placed on the outer line of a path - sometimes even in the middle of a path to make people use it...

    Thanks a lot for your help and I really hope the game will become give me more freedom than now.

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    This post seemed to best fit my biggest concerns with the game so I second this. Paths are in rough shape. Felt like a battle (one I usually lost) to get the paths to look decent.

    Would love the pathing to be more flexible. It's frustrating when you want to build a connection to an existing path but the nearest working (not red out) connection is roughly 2 flat rides in distance away from where you want it to be.

    I suspect this problem is the same reason buildings, trash bins, benches and lights etc all sometimes won't snap in place where you want them. The section is red and we can't see why. I know pathing is probably the most difficult thing to program, but it's the foundation of the park, without a good path system people will be constantly fighting the constraints to build what they want.

    Would also love to have the ability to create large custom plaza areas of any shape. Probably not likely, but it's the most realistic in terms of real world parks. The only time you see singular pathways like what we have in game are as narrow queue lines or as connections between large plaza areas that an area or theme of the park is focused around.

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    You bring up some great points. Many of the things you mentioned have been fixed or improved, although still need work. Right now the only way to create plazas is to use the PxP builder and connect the small paths then cover them with the floor pieces, but the peeps only walk on the path sections. But doing it this way you can place benches and other scenery in the middle of the plaza.

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