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Thread: Some ideas

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    Some ideas


    Congratulations for the game!

    I want to contribute with some ideas.

    · In RCT3, you could make waterfall. I have not found them in RCTW and I think that they are nice. Are they available?
    · It would be intersting to change the water color
    · I would like to place waterjet under water.
    · It would be nice to be able to make Fireworks!
    · I have not found triggers and objects with mechanical movements for Roller Coaster. Will be availble in the future?

    Thank you very much!


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    I love your ideas.
    - Waterfalls are something that should be added
    -Another great feature, water colors!
    - Waterjets would be awesome along with fireworks
    - Triggers are something that also should be added.

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