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Thread: Daredevil Dinghies

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    Talking Daredevil Dinghies

    Daredevil Dinghies

    (Click to enlarge.)

    Carefully designed and thoroughly tested. So don't worry; your guests will survive. (I hope!)


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    Just downloaded. Awesome design!!

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    I've always liked the idea of having two rides running along side each other symmetrically - is this what's going on here? I guess with a ride like this where there's a single "car" per guest it wouldn't really matter if you had two stations and gave the appearance that there's two rides there. I think once I've downloaded the tripple thrills pack again from steam I'm going to have to download some of these creations and give them a go and share some of mine too!

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    RCT3 version of "Daredevil Dinghies". Download here.

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    +1 Basic, Clean, No custom content, keep up the good work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huskyx94 View Post
    +1 Basic, Clean, No custom content, keep up the good work

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