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Thread: Only Static Objects ?

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    Only Static Objects ?

    Hello everyone
    Well I had a long night looking through all the Features the new Game has and I have to admit, that there surely can be criticised some things, but my overall experience until now is quite positive

    But I have some questions about the UGC (which is what interests me most in the game, like already in RCT3 ^^)

    1. Is it already possible to import animated scenery to the game ?
    2. Are we only able to import scenery to the game ? Or is there also a possibility to import Coaster Cars and Rides ?

    Hope you can help me

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    currents it is only scenery items and new peep skins but i havnt tested the skinning feature yet
    the scenery items dont need to stay static though; animations, lights and particle systems can be added.
    there is plans to expand whats possible to add in. UGC importing is just in its infancy right now and you can import anything that doesnt require a script to function

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    So, I have a volcano made in Blender with lava animation, where I can find a tutorial how to import into the game RCTW the volcano with the animations?

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    procedures for importing UGC can be found on the wiki
    specifically for animated see here

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    Thank you!

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