Right now, I know this game is getting a lot of hate on Steam, however I think it's coming along pretty nicely. Other than a few little bugs, it's a really fun and exciting game. There are a few things that as a life long RCT fan, I'd love to see added into the game! I've listed them below.

  1. Autosaving - Especially while this game is in alpha, I've noticed a lot of people having trouble with crashes and this would be substantial to them so that they don't lose their data
  2. More/Bigger Maps - I'm sure this will probably come in the future, but I'd especially love to see some VERY large and flat maps so that I could build colossal parks. Some of the preset coasters barely even fit in the parks, so I'd love to see some more space for creativity.
  3. More Rides/Buildings - Another thing that will probably come soon. It seems like I am only able to play for about an hour before I begin to feel limited, not only by space, but also by the amount of rides and buildings that I am able to place. I'd love to see about the same amount of rides that are in RCT3!
  4. More Themes - Another thing from RCT3 that seems to be absent. I do like the themes that are included in RCTW, but I'd love to see more variety (ex. scary, atlantis, etc.).
  5. Water Rides/Pools - RCT3 Soaked was awesome and added a lot more options to the game. It'd be awesome to see these come to life in RCTW
  6. Better Snapping - Right now, snapping is okay, but you can't really snap to where you want it to. I like my parks to be neat and organized, with most, if not all 90 degree corners (not including curved paths). It's really annoying when I want to make something snap cleanly and it feels the need to rotate 10 or more degrees in another direction.
  7. Build Custom Buildings - Another RCT3 feature. It adds a whole new level of customization and creativity to your parks, especially with the themes. I hope to see this soon too!
  8. Peeps Hold Up Lines - This is probably just a bug, but in some of my rides, there will be one or two peeps that hold up the line for no reason. They have 100+ feet of free space in front of them, but choose to stand still. Hopefully this gets fixed.
  9. Peeps Shouldn't Teleport When Paths Are Deleted - I don't know why, but I prefer when peeps wander aimlessly when the paths are deleted. Just a little thing I'd like to see added
  10. Other Bug Fixes - Pretty self explanatory. I'm sure there are plenty out there.

Thanks for taking the time to view this! I really hope some of these changes are implemented into the game some time in the future. RCTW is already a great game, and I can't imagine how awesome it would be with all of these features added in. Keep up the good work!