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Thread: You can do it Atari.

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    You can do it Atari.

    So, I wanted to chime in at this EA mess to really say that I will continue following the game; I will wait for the updates to roll in (I honestly enjoy just browsing the forums day by day). That being said, I have NOT bought the Early Access release yet, nor have I preordered the game from the beginning. Bugs, crashes, and general complaints just seem too sketchy for me; I would wait. I want to spread this message to anyone who is skeptical of this game: Do NOT buy this game yet; wait for the updates! Bugs can be unpredictable and do some impressively unimpressive feats to your PC, and I wouldn't recommend spinning the wheel of fortune over it.

    Now, I'll turn my attention to the Devs: I've been following this game since late 2014, and we've made it this far. Since the beginning, the progress just seems to be SLOW; everything seems to have been revealed and worked on SLOWLY. As a result, there has been numerous criticisms dealing with the fact that it was supposed to come out "Early 2015". Although the developer switch was out of control, a year later than what was stated in the forums just seems extreme. I believe with EA out and with all fans are able to be openly critical, now is the time to ramp up production. As this moves forward, we will be constantly pumping out input and ideas, and all of us are really hoping that the best of those ideas will be considered and implemented. I've heard speculations of this game dying as a result of Early stick with your word Atari, let's get updates pumping out fast and bugs squashed, with the community taken into consideration all the while.

    I believe that this game is still capable of turning into something great despite the 35% positivity rating on steam. Many of those steam reviewers are avid RCT fans, and I believe that if all the core features of a solid RCT game is there and the "heart and soul" feeling of the game is in place, then those reviews should flip.

    To conclude, stay HONEST. We've been saying indirectly (and sometimes directly) over and over for the past 1.5 years that substandard PR relations will result in massive negative feedback and angry fans. Also, work WITH US. So many RCT fans have some amazing ideas and seeing such ideas implemented would reveal the fact that you are working with us, thus in turn raising hype levels from us fans to over 9000 (sorry). And keep in mind that when fans are disappointed, they WILL voice it and take action upon it. This concept has been revealed way too many times throughout the past 1.5 years, and it's concerning that this will drive RCTW into a hole in which even the greatest updates could not dig out. Nonetheless, I've been one of those fans that have stuck around since the beginning, and I still believe with the right planning, polishing, and attitude, this game can shape to be something amazing.

    "A good RCT game is not without its bumps in the road."

    Don't be stupid.

    You can do it Atari.

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    My PC is fine. Im pretty sure everyone else's are too lol
    It is buggy but still fun as hell =)
    Each update is just going to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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