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Thread: Refund and timezones

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    Refund and timezones

    Hi devs. I'm here to point out that your current plans for a 24h try and give up scheme is probably going to hurt you bad, and will be specially impactful to people on early timezones.

    I mean, you chose day 30th but in one of the last timezones, this means 31th already for all countries in Asia and ANZ, even Europe is getting it very late on the 30th. Then you say people can get a refund on the 31th and only this day to try your game. This doesn't seem like a good worldwide launch when you are not considering people worldwide.

    You probably know that even great games, with very prepared servers and staff, get launch problems. The servers will probably run badly tonight and I'm pretty sure my connection here in Brazil (not even one of the worst time cases, game launches here at 7p.m.) will make the download very slow. Then, I'll able to play your game only for a couple hours until I have to go to sleep, if anything goes wrong I'll probably get my refund asap and wait till the game is finished.

    It's just a tip, that maybe you don't want this very first impression of day one early access to be the last to some players. Extending your refunding for maybe two or three more days might even reduce the chances people will ask for a refund on day one. They might give it a second try on day two and discover your game is worth it.

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    Refund question

    So if the refunds are available untill march 31st, does that mean if the game doest work on my computer, i have to return it by midnight on the 30th? Or do i also have all day the 31st as well? Thanks in advance!

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    I m not really sure about this. in my opinion I think you have the whole day. it wouldn't make sense at all if it was only midnight. hopefully Mattlab responds to you

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    just 1 day to get a refund???

    dear Lord...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainmanvs100 View Post
    So if the refunds are available untill march 31st, does that mean if the game doest work on my computer, i have to return it by midnight on the 30th? Or do i also have all day the 31st as well? Thanks in advance!
    I would refer to the system requirements on Steam beforehand. Just to be sure.

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    Hopefully Matt will answer this, I'm sure they are just getting all the facts straight, we don't know the exact size of the download, so I would assume end of the day on the 31st if its midnight, its highly likely that some people in Europe not unlocking the game until 9pm may not have it downloaded before midnight 30th/31st so it wouldn't make much sense in that regard. Looking forward to release, we will have 3 themepark sims out all Early Access, then the members can migrate to the game they prefer. May make the forums happier.

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    Id not read to much into their refund policy. Whilst can only comment on UK Consumer Law its fair to say they would be laughed out the building by all means offer no quibble "refund policy" but cannot remove themselves from statutory consumer protection...

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    Did you buy the game from, or on steam? My understanding is that if you purchase the game on Steam, the regular Steam refund policies apply. You have 14 days to return the game, provided you haven't played it for more than 2 hours total.

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    Hi, just to be clear for and our policy extends through the 31st!

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    So can we get a refund if we purchase it through Steam? I want to try it but... a) I will very busy until the weekend and b) 2 hours really isn't enough time to thoroughly try the game.

    If I buy it through Atari I still only have until tomorrow... and I'll be busy the rest of the week. I don't know what to do.

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