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Thread: Peep Behaviors

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    Peep Behaviors

    After the stream, I think it's safe to start identifying certain peep behaviors that I think could be improved. I understand that the peep animations and behaviors are still being worked on, so this is intended to be constructive criticism. This is not a place to complain or bash the stream because there are already enough threads in which to do so, some of which I've actively participated in myself. Knowing this is a work-in-progress, I hope that the following is useful.

    1. It was previously indicated that peeps would specifically seek out themes or ride styles that speak to them rather than wander the park without cause. That's not what we saw in the stream, we saw similar behavior to RCT1 where they wander the paths blindly hoping to run into something they like. I know this to be true because they spent much of their time exploring the empty exit path.
    2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at some point Mattlab said peeps are generated based on the "size" of the park. I assume that means the capacity of the paths and rides to keep the park looking full. The problem is if you build a ton of paths and then one roller coaster you wind up with peeps wandering down exit paths with nothing to do. I believe it should go by the number of attractions and the types of rides and styles should affect the types of peeps who come into the park in the first place. A park with many children's rides should attract more children. It may already work like that, but my main point is about quantity. I'd rather have an empty park with nothing to do than a full park with nothing to do. These peeps are supposed to be the smartest in the series, yet we see them paying an entrance fee to a park with one ride they don't want to go on just to make things feel full.
    3. Groups. I know this is been addressed already, but it really would help the look of things

    As far as appearance...

    1. Zoomed out things don't look as bad, but when you look closer they're still moonwalking. The speed of their feet moving doesn't match the speed of their bodies moving.
    2. I saw some twins. Variation would be helpful.
    3. I don't mind the oft-criticized painted-on clothing so much but their bodies look largely the same. Some different shapes would add to the variety a lot. As it stands, the game kind of looks like a park with a bunch of painted matchsticks in it.
    4. We saw a nicely detailed peep in the UGC video...can we get more of that into the game? He didn't look bad at all in my opinion.

    I know that not a single one of these can be implemented overnight, but each and every one that does eventually find its way into the game will be an enormous Improvement.
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    +1 good and well detailed and I agree with the peep from the ugc

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    That one thing could force me to stop playing the game due to irritation level. I can't take all the peeps streaming up the exit path only to turn around and come back to the entrance. I don't mind one or two doing it (even in real life you get idiots) but at the moment it is far too herdlike - it's almost as if they have been deliberately programmed to make for the exit before the entrance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaelios123 View Post
    Posting that once wasn't enough? A bit childish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJK1988 View Post
    Posting that once wasn't enough? A bit childish.
    Agreed. I prefer matchsticks over weird misshapen lumps of clay. In any case, @gaelios123, as I said in the original post this is not the place to bash the game which is clearly the intention of your post. We can influence the outcome of RCTW, and that's what this is about.

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